If you are looking for hands on service, Donna Marie's Bridal Shoppe at 1548 Mohawk Street in Utica is the one-stop shopping place for future Brides, Maids, Mothers, Flower Girls and Wedding guests.

With over 50 years of experience in the bridal industry she strives to meet all the needs of her perspective brides. "I am an independent bridal shop that specializes in a level of service that is not found in a big box shop or on an online web site". Donna Marie says "Selling a bridal gown is a complex process full of intricacies. I am here to provide top-notch service, tip and guidance with my years of experience and construction knowledge."

The popular Champagne Sunday at Donna Marie's is a special event that can be booked by appointment at the shop. The store is closed to the public at the time, and the bride and her party can shop privately for the afternoon. These appointments typically run $100.00 depending on the party size. The fee is then applied towards the bridal gown when ordered that day.

Donna Marie's Bridal Shoppe has been honored with the Distinguished Crystal Award from Casablanca Bridal in recognition of her commitment to the industry from 2008-2023.

From placing the order of your gown to the final pressing, Donna Marie's Bridal Shoppe is the proverbial hands-on option for wedding-day shopping.